Steampunk is a subculture, that represents a fictional period from history. It combines elements from science fiction, post - apocalypse, victorian sophistication and the technological revolution.

The first instances of this movement began in the literary works of Mary Shelley, Jules Verne and William Gibson. Since then, it has made its way to all fields of art - music, cinema, jewelcrafting, fashion, painting and sculpture.

Despite the multiple interpretations on this movement, the idea that all the devices are operating with steam and clockwork technology is always present.


The first people, who started popularizing Steampunk in Bulgaria, through their work with jewelry and various types of fictional weapons are Petar Arbov and Lubomir Popov.

Their works have been part of multiple Steampunk themed fashion shows, parties and workshops.

If you are interested in witnessing their creations, you may find them at gallery “Punto art bazaar”, located at Urii Venelin street № 2 or by making a visit to our Room.