Vestigo (lat. trace, investigate) is a secret society, composed of great minds from all around the world, bent on taking over the world with their ideas and inventions, which were often considered impossible by the common folk.

No one is sure when and by who Vestigo was started, but through the ages, more and more traces of this society’s works are found. Many historians, scientists and explorers have tried to unravel the secrets behind this society, but very few have succeeded and lived to tell the tale.


Gears and inventions
– the first bigger evidence for the existence of this secret society comes to us, thanks to the discovery of the home of a now deceased famous Victorian engineer. Many young researchers have visited the home of this scientist, in an attempt to discover more facts, about this secret society that is responsible for many political and religious decisions that have affected us.


Will you be the next, who dares to unravel the mysteries of Vestigo and find one of its deepest secrets, while experiencing the authentic Steampunk atmosphere?

Get away from the boredom and join Vestigo to discover a hidden and exciting world!

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